Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Truth About the EDL

The EDL (English Defence League) consistently claim to only be about “peaceful protest” but a look at just their actions and membership quickly destroys any credibility they believe they can gain from such a blatant lie.
Even the BNP attempt to dress in suits and ties to avoid the obvious signs of the far right of the past, of course no one has fallen for it. Yet the EDL on the other hand are more than happy, in fact you could say proud, to emblazon themselves with the markings of the far right uniform via their balaclavas, skin heads and hooligan behaviour.  Marching up and down our city streets with their faces masked, beer can in hand screaming vulgar abuse such as “Allah, Allah who the fuck is Allah?!” and of course the beautifully inclusive “We hate Muslims!”.

The average EDL member showing his respect for British servicemen.
They claim to be unaffiliated with far right wing political parties, yet their slick website was funded and created by a leading BNP activist, they also have well documented ties with other good old family friendly parties such asRVF, BPP and the “Aryan Strike Force”. Their formation came about through the convergence of football firms and a group known as “United Peoples of Luton”. In fact those involved with Football Hooliganism are some of the main organisers of the whole EDL organisation.

For instance one of the key figures within the organisation itself, Jeff Marsh (aka Elijah Wood), writes about his exploits on the terraces ‘As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a hooligan,’ he recalls.  ‘I actually loved it. I was hooked. I’d never been interested in football and I wasn’t interested now, but I could see that football was an opportunity to involve myself in the ultimate gang war. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.’ Jeff remembers after waking up in casualty. Like he admits himself he has no interest in football and in all likely hood has no interest in politics. Violence is his crack and the crack is good.

They would have you believe that they’re our last defence against fundamentalist Islam, it’s hard to put a figure on how many terrorist acts they have saved the country from by acting like complete twats.  In reality, the only defence they’re involved in is maintaining Britain’s reputation of ‘the beautiful game’ – violence, hatred, prejudice, and not forgetting the sales of Tennent’s extra strong.

The tactics of the far-right never change. The EDL are the instigators of street violence and race riots, much like the BNP before they all turned clean shirts. For them, nothing beats running around smashing the businesses of Asian minorities, and occasionally the odd cop or two – all in the spirit of patriotism of course!

Their need for “free speech” includes death threats to journalists, attacking a Sky News van in Leicester, destroying public property and the old human right of freedom to attack minorities.

They march in areas with large Muslim communities squealing all their prejudiced rhetoric in the hope they can incite violence and attacks from the local population. They long to cause fights and divisions so they can point at these communities and say “Look at these people, look at how violent they are! we just came here to show our patriotism, they hate our flag!”

That’s what these people aim to do, provoke. They are a catch all net for the Far right, those without the fascist tendencies only see the propaganda side of the EDL, those with are welcomed into a group that behind the scenes ends conversations with terrifying neo nazi salutes and “88″s everywhere. Even if you had the slightest incline to understand what these E-E-E Diots do would you want to hang out with people who burn anti-nazi flags?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating violent Islamic extremists it’s just that I don’t think giving excuses for people to commit acts of violence or terror are, to put it simply, a good way to avoid acts of errrr terror and violence.

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